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"He who fails to plan, plans to fail." We strongly believe in strategy. A well thought out plan is the best way to achieve success. We follow a specific process to do just that for each of our clients.


Here we gather information about you. Our goal is to get in your head and know who you are. This helps us to recognize how best to target your strengths in order to present a strong and memorable message to your audience.


Now we start to gather information on your project, your industry, and on your competitors. This gives us the final pieces we need to begin developing a strategy and conceptualizing ideas.


After we've gathered all the information from the Research phase, we then move on to the brainstorming stage. This is where we think, and think, and think until our brains really hurt. We come up with a strategy based off the research we gathered and figure out ways to implement that strategy.


Now it gets exciting. We start creating the designs based off the strategy formed in the Brainstorming phase. Careful attention is given to layout, visual design and most importantly, how best to present the strategy in order to achieve maximum results.


Here's where you get to see for the first time what we've been creating for you. We present the designs as well as our strategy behind those designs to you. We then carefully listen to your feedback based off of those designs.


We're getting close! After presenting the designs to you, we take your feedback and make the necessary revisions. Depending on the project, we either move on to development or prepare the final files.


After all designs are approved and finalized, we start on development. This would either be preparing all print files for the printers (print design) or beginning the coding process for web development (web design).


The celebration begins. All the work is done and now all we have left to do is cut the ribbon and present your new brand, design or website to the world. We can all sit back and say "Ahhhh".

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“LEPPDESIGN delivered quality and creativity in a responsive, timely manner. The working process was easy and efficient, allowing just enough room for new ideas without loosing focus or momentum. Thanks for your great work!”

Amanda Deverich, LMFT
Williamsburg Counseling LLC

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