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Drawing is fun. It is. It can also, though, be used as a great tool for helping ILLUSTRATE your ideas to your audience. Whether you need a Book Cover, an Infographic or an Illustration for publications, we can help put your ideas to paper and provide your audience with the right visuals to understand your message clearly.


Discovery. We talk to you in order to hear your ideas and to know what it is that you want specifically created.

Research. We research and review various work in your industry to help us understand and apply your ideas in the next phase.

Sketch. We begin sketching out ideas and figure out best uses of perspective and layout for your project. We narrow down our ideas and either preliminarily present them to you or move on to the next phase.

Color and Refining. Now we start really making it look nice. We analyze and implement various color options to the project and finish the fine tuning of it. After it's cleaned up, it's ready for your review.

Review. After presenting you with the illustration, we hear your feedback and work on any revisions that you may have.

Prepare. After final approval, we prepare the files for however they will be used and send them off to you or the printer.

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